It is the minority which defends the majority

UNICEF RDC 2017 Ramazani

Children must be at the center of the defense of their rights. Yet the participation of the children of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in issues that concern them is far from being a reality. To reverse the trend, we, 23 children from the Province of Ituri, participated in a training for Children Reporters. In this article, we will talk about our ambitions and contributions to promoting children’s rights in Ituri.

 The defense of children’s rights by children

From 25 to 26 August 2017, in the Gold Stars Hotel in Bunia, we took part in the training workshop of a new generation of children reporters in Ituri. Since participation is a child’s right, UNICEF and the Congolese government offered the opportunity for children aged 12 to 17 to become actors in the defense of their rights. Indeed, we will become so.

During the training, each of us demonstrated our intention to become a change leader. Take the case of Joel, a 13 year old boy. For him, becoming a child reporter was not an indulgence but rather an important way to defend the rights of other children: “This training is magnificent and will enable us to promote respect for children’s rights in both urban and rural areas”.

The young reporters in training  (UNICEF RDC 2017 Ramazani)

In the street, people blindly believe that girls are worthless. Joys, 13, does not share this opinion: “at the listening club for children, I was already participating in shows. Now a child reporter, I want to fight for the respect of the rights of young girls “. Her fighting may not be a coincidence, for as an adult she dreams of becoming a lawyer. Seth, 15, said: “Protecting the rights of the child will be his battle horse.”

“Making heard the voice of all children whose rights are not respected”

For Didier, the communication liaison at the UNICEF ​​Ituri office, this training came at the right time “it is a great joy to have this new generation of children reporters in Ituri to accompany the realization of the program of cooperation UNICEF-DRC “He said. He went on to encourage us all to defend the cause of our countrymen.

“At the present stage, we cannot talk about children’s rights without bringing them into the process,” Jean-Marc, an expert at the Gender, Family and Child Bureau Ituri, told us. Aristotle, Young Reporter, asked us for endurance “we wish you courage, but above all, to make heard the voice of all children whose rights are not respected,” he concluded.

“The important thing is not what has been done to people, but it is what has been done about what has been done to them, it is said”. We, the children reporters of Ituri, are all committed to defending the rights of other children. For we are convinced that “it is the minority that defends the majority” as Blessing, 14 years old said during the training.

Training alone is not enough, we must use this training to advance the interests of children. That is our dream.

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Enfants Reporters Ituri

Suite à leur initiation à l'écriture de blogs, les Enfants Reporters de Bunia vous proposent leurs premiers articles.

After a blog writing workshop, the Young Reporters of Bunia are pleased to share their first papers.

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