Testimony of a child cured of Ebola

Roger, 12 years old, lost 11 members of his family following the Ebola epidemic that tragically ravages the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). First, his mother passed away the 6th of April and then his uncles, aunts and grandparents all succumbed to the disease in Butembo. 

His father, fearing of dying like the other members of the family, fled with Roger towards the city of Beni. Soon, Roger began to exhibit the first signs of the disease and was taken to the Ebola Transit Center in the city. A blood sample was taken and the result was positive: Roger was taken to the treatment center to be supported by the appropriate teams. 

“He healed after 14 days of treatment”, happily exclaims the father of Roger, conscious of the importance of visiting the health center as soon as possible in case of suspicious signs. If my in-laws had not resisted, we would not have lost all the people who were dear to us”, the father concluded thinking about the 11 members of his family that had refused to be taken care of. I am cured but I still have some discomfort”, confides Roger who now wants to resume the normal course of his life. I want to continue my education to become a chauffeur”, concludes Roger by appealing to all those who do not believe in the disease and its consequences.

I ask parents and all the members of my community to not wait until Ebola kills to agree to go to the treatment center. No child should lose 11 members of his family! 

More info about the Ebola outbreak in DRC

Kindly translated from French by Matthew Khalkhali

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Chrisnovic Junior

Chrisnovic Junior est un Enfant Reporter de la ville de Beni, à l'est de la République Démocratique du Congo. Inquiet par l'impact d'Ebola sur les enfants, il a commencé à écrire sur Pona Bana.

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