When Isiro celebrates the rights of the child !

CHILD REPORTERThe celebration of the 20th November was the first in the city of Isiro and in the Haut-Uélé Province: transmissions, banners, radio messages, trailer… yes it was a first and the mobilization was complete!

Mobilized and involved child reporters

We made our first public appearance, from the town to the big auditorium via the city center, to show to people that there is a special day dedicated to the rights of the child. On the occasion of this first celebration in the province, we chose to sensitize the population on the promotion and the protection of children’s rights.

For Anastasie, the success of this day was based on the mobilization of everyone. “I think that the Jambo FM and the Radiotélévision Nationale radio stations of Isiro, as well as the Protection of the Child Workgroup played a big role in the success of this day. They gave us space and then supported us from the caravan to the auditorium.”

José on her part, talks about her first radio experience during a transmission dedicated to the CRC and the day of 20th November. “First, I was scared and my voice was shaky but I said to myself, after all, I must tell the others about the CRC!”

“I am surprised to see children studying on a day that is dedicated to them.” confides Juvénal. “On the 8th march no one works and we, the children, do not go to school. Why not on the 20th November?”

We have to advocate for and take advantage of all the children to be with us on this date to speak to them about their rights.

A day to talk about the rights of the child

During this day dedicated to the rights of the child, the Protection of the Child Workgroup and the Child Reporters invited schools to participate in the activities. All were keen! One of the schools staged a drama on pregnancies in the school environment, a recurring phenomenon in the Haut-Uélé province.

Invited guests, children, parents and authorities present in the auditorium acclaimed the recital of a poem by Thomas, a deaf and dumb Child Reporter, on the non-discrimination of handicapped children.

We took advantage of the activities of 20th November to popularize the CRC during our radio broadcasts. In the auditorium, we presented the general situation of the children in the province through poems, sketches, dances and presentations.

Our fight for each child

After the celebration of this day, we the Child Reporters of Haut-Uélé are full of energy to be true ambassadors of the Rights of the Child in our province.  Sarah, José, Jibril, Christelle and Juvénal have promised to organize children’s clubs in their respective areas where they will talk about child rights. Martin, Michel, Rebecca, Anastasie, Nana and Joël are eager to organize a sensitization in their schools.

Our fight is to popularize the CRC, its appropriation by the population and the involvement of all in its promotion!

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Enfants Reporters du Haut Uele

A la suite d’une formation de 4 jours à Isiro, la toute première génération d’Enfants Reporters du Haut Uélé vous présente leurs premières enquêtes.

After a 4 day training session in Isiro, the very first generation of Young Reporters present their first investigations.

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