Woman, artisan of humanity

In the wake of woman month, Julie devotes a poem to the women of the world. This woman, of whom she speaks, refers to her mother today, and perhaps to herself tomorrow.

By definition, a woman is a human being of female gender or kind at her adulthood. Before puberty, she is called a girl.

A woman is the one who is at the same time the origin of society, its means, and its purpose.

The woman is the garden of life because she plays a very important role and she holds the greatest responsibility.

The woman is the leader of the world because, in a single glance, smile, discontent, or movement, she can upset the best-organized society.

When one speaks about the woman, one sees the charm, the touch, the adornment, flower, softness, comfort, and all other beautiful things of the earth that align with inner strength.

She is a charade that no man can decipher even by resorting to all the methods of the world.

The woman is a sign of life on earth and is the assurance of humanity survival.

She is a shell in which the world enters to take refuge in order to find the solution to each problem.

She is able to take some life hard knocks and at the same time holds many secrets.

When she enters the life of a man, she is at ease with his scribbling to the point that she can transform a desert into an oasis.

She is capable of tracing a route in a dense and impenetrable forest.

All that just to show you that a woman is all except a lower and insignificant being.

More info about girls and women in DRC:

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Julie, 16 ans, est Enfant Reporter de la ville de Mbuji-Mayi.

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