An office for the Young Reporters of Haut-Uélé

Young Reporters of Haut-Uélé

An office for the Young Reporters of Haut-Uélé

YOUNG REPORTER My name is Sarah, I am 17 years old and I coordinate the Young Reporters in my Province, Haut-Uélé. On 20 November, during events celebrating Universal Children’s Day, we had the opportunity to give a speech to the authorities and one month later we have now received a positive response.

From advocacy to response

During events to mark 20 November, we presented a request on behalf of all children in the Haut-Uélé Province. We asked for an office for children, a place where we could meet and play an active role in the issues that concern us, a place where we could talk about our rights and obligations.

The Working Party on Child Protection made us a commitment that, after the events on 20 November, they would respond to our request by allocating us an office in December. We now have an office where the Children’s Parliament can meet. What a success

Many curious visitors keep dropping in to ask Maman Cécile, who is always on duty in the office, what the Children’s Parliament is and what the Young Reporters do.

Some people do not understand what child protection activities are when they first arrive, others think that the Children’s Parliament is a place where anyone who violates a child’s rights is arrested. It’s important to explain them what we really do. The Children’s Parliament is not a court and definitely not a children’s police force. It’s an organisation that allows children to help promote and protect their rights.

This lack of awareness is a major challenge that we have to overcome during our various awareness-raising campaigns and broadcasts on local radio stations.

The Young Reporters of Haut-Uélé

I am proud to see the way in which our request was answered! I believe that the community of the Haut-Uélé Province, and the city of Isiro in particular, has already shown its interest in children’s rights. 

On behalf of the Young Reporters and all children in the Haut-Uélé Province, I would like to thank the child the Gender, Family and Child Division, the Social Affairs Division and the authorities of the Province for their response to our request. Children’s issues are everyone’s business!

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Translated from French by Johanna McCalmont

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Enfants Reporters du Haut Uele

A la suite d’une formation de 4 jours à Isiro, la toute première génération d’Enfants Reporters du Haut Uélé vous présente leurs premières enquêtes.

After a 4 day training session in Isiro, the very first generation of Young Reporters present their first investigations.

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