Youth and alcohol : an investigation in refreshment bars

alcohol in DRC

Joel is a fervent defender of Children’s Rights because every life matters and every children deserves a better future

YOUNG REPORTERMy name is Joel, for my first article as a Young Reporter, I will tell you a sad story, the story of a boy who fall in the trap of alcohol.

Moïse, a young boy trapped in alcohol

Moïse is sixteen, he lives in Bunia (Ituri province). Moïse used to work hard to find anything to eat. His parents were poor and often unable to meet his needs. Moïse’s father was often away because he was working in the village’s agricultural field. So Moïse was often alone with his mother.

All of Moïse’s friends used to drink alcohol. One day, influenced by his friends he ended up by drinking some. Today he is an addict.

Moïse explained to me: “I makes me feel good for hours without feeling hunger and without thinking about all the suffering I am going through”.

In neighborhood’s small refreshment bars, Moïse is not the only teenager who drink alcohol. Even ten years old children are served as long as they say that their parents sent them to buy it for them.

I went to see Moïse once again in order to explain him the effects that can be causes by tobacco and alcohol on human body. Long years of beverage will have consequences that will remain!

Moïse promised me to make an effort to progressively reduce and then stop his beverage but after three years it’s not an easy thing to do.

Make sure that every children grow up serenely

The use of narcotics touch many young people of my background. I pay tribute to Bunia’s city hall in their fight against the use of drugs. Recently an important quantity was burnt in Bunia but I would like the authorities to take serious measures to keep children away from drugs. Burn and destroy isn’t enough; we need to put an end to the huge network that put a hundred of children’s lives in danger.

The people in charge of school for the education on citizenship must put a particular accent on the misdeed of narcotics for children’s health.

Parents should stop not making any headway through their first responsibility as a parent which is to unsure their children’s protection in order for them to grow serenely.

Moïse is just a child and he has the right to be protected like it’s written in the article 33 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Every life matter!

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Translated from French by Manon Derlyn

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