At the Amani festival, children participate in the promotion of the culture of peace

NEWS – Since 2014, the city of Goma in North Kivu, hosts every year the Amani festival, internationally known for its promotion of the culture of peace. Elodie, 14, and Child Reporter, narrates her participation in the three days of the festival!

Singing for peace and dancing for change

“To sing for peace, to dance for change”, is the motto of this event which, in the space of three years, has become a real meeting bringing together nearly 33,000 festival-goers from the DRC and the sub-region of the Great Lakes. The Children Reporters and Parliamentarians of Goma participated actively in this event by raising the awareness of the festival-goers on the rights of the child and the need to make peace with and for the children.

Amani festival

Children at the rhythm of « Amani »

“Amani” in Swahili means peace. Organized from 10 to 12 February 2017, the 4th edition of the Amani Festival attracted a very large crowd and prominent personalities. UNICEF made a name for itself through its “Children and Youth” stand, hosted by Children Reporters and Parliamentarians.

After the celebration of UNICEF’s 70th birthday under the slogan #ForEachChildren, we have just organized special events that have allowed our stand to welcome even more festival-goers than usual. Through small panels of white cardboard (to symbolize peace), more than 400 people expressed their wishes and wishes for the children of the DRC.

Children Reporters and Parliamentarians, cultural, theater and dance groups sensitized several hundred festival-goers on the rights of the child, through debates and round tables, questions and answers, music, dance, capoeira. Plenty of activities were organized!

#ForEachChild, to be informed

Children, young people, parents, journalists, authorities, diplomats, etc., more than one hundred festival-goers subscribed to the children’s site to be regularly informed about the situation of children in the DRC, particularly through articles written by children reporters.

Among the first people to have subscribed is the Governor of North Kivu Province, followed by several key personalities, including seven ambassadors (European Union, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Germany …), artists, journalists and many other people.

For peace and the rights of the Child in DRC

We thank all those who have visited our stand, hoping wholeheartedly that their wishes #ForEachChildren are translated into a real commitment to the promotion of the Rights of the Child in the DRC.

Photo: UNICEF RDC 2016 ODH

Translated from French by Adjah Benedict

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Elodie, 17 ans, est Enfant Reporter depuis trois ans. Elève à l’Institut Faraja de Goma où elle étudie les sciences commerciales, Elodie rêve de devenir journaliste professionnelle. Elle est passionnée par la défense des droits de l’Enfant, et pense que tous les enfants devraient être traités de manière égale.

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